The “soft and delicious” peanut rounder produced by Anderson Candy Company is unique in that it is a soft textured peanut candy.

The candy is made in the small town of Blossom, Texas where
Leon Anderson started the company in 1980.
He purchased the candy recipe, cooking pot, and the metal ring molds used for making the candy from Mr. Dan Hearn. Mr. Hearn bad been

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making the candy since the early 1940’s.
He had worked, through trial and error, to develop the
soft texture and taste of the candy and began using what he called a secret ingredient. He did all work by hand, including wrapping, and cooked one batch of candy daily.

Leon first began making the candy in a small building at this home, cooking two batches of candy daily. As sales began to increase, he designed and built the current facility. He designed a master mold for making the rubber molds now used in making the 3-ounce rounders. He also designed and built a machine that dumps the candy from the molds. Though he began by hand-wrapping the candy, in 1982, he purchased a 1950’s model wrapping machine and modified it to wrap the candy. In 1994, he had a machine designed and built specifically for wrapping the peanut rounders.

Although sales and production have increased significantly few changes have been made in the candy making process. The candy is still cooked in the original copper kettles and dipped by hand into the molds. It is then placed into a carefully monitored curing room where it is allowed to set or “cure” until ready for wrapping. This is an important stage in the process as the cooling time and temperature of the candy affects the
quality of the finished product.

In 1986, Leon hired retired candy broker George Beamen, as a consultant and, with his assistance hired brokerage companies in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Mississippi. These companies were able to set up Anderson Candy Company accounts with several distributors in each of the states. This proved to be a very positive decision for the company as sales increased dramatically. Anderson Candy Company has added distributors in other states as well, but these are the core states for distribution.

During the past several years Anderson Candy has provided a mail order service for those who are unable to buy the candy in their area. Orders have been shipped to as far away as Japan, Hawaii, and Alaska.

When Leon retired in 2000, his daughter and son-in-law, Leanne and Donny Gentry took over operation of the company.